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Welcome to the Cima Del Mundo Vieques Vacation Guide.  Here, we have compiled information and links from various Vieques information and travel sites:

Vieques Info

Vieques Island along with the neighboring Culebra Island make up what is oftentimes referred to as the Spanish Virgin Islands.  Measuring 21 miles long by 5 miles wide, Vieques is substantially bigger than Culebra and distinctly different in ambience.

Vieques is an island-municipality of Puerto Rico, located six miles east of the main island.  The name ‘Vieques’ is a 17th-century Spanish colonial corruption of the Taíno name bieque (small island). Over the years, residents and visitors who share affection for this place have come to call Vieques ‘Isla Nena’ – a term of endearment meaning ‘Little Girl Island’.

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Getting Here

Getting Around

Shopping for Food, Groceries, Liquor, Beer and Wine

  • Super Mercado Morales
  • Super Descuentos Morales
  • Placita Reyes (Farmers’ Market)
  • Isla Nena Cash & Carry
  • Buen Provecho
  •  El Sombrero Viejo (Koon’s Bar)
  • Colmado Mambo
  • El Encanto

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