Hello, again!

So many sunrises and sunsets have occurred  at Cima del Mundo since I last made an entry in my blog.

Some of the highlights have been that our son married a delightful young woman in October 2014. On March 13, 2017 baby Henry arrives into the world. Dennis and I adopted an adorable girl (4 legged!) in September of 2016 and named her Tipper. She is 100% pure Vieques Sato with the most gentle personality who is very smart and quite the iguana hunter.

Of course, we prepared and braced for Hurricane Irma and her arrival on September 6, 2017. Come to find out, she was just a practice run for the “big one”, Hurricane Maria. Ah, so much damage, so many stories. Cima, Dennis and I were spared, although we all aged a bit from the experience. We were evacuated to Miami on 29 September.

I’ve always tried to find some good that comes out of a bad situation.     1. I can cross “helicopter ride” off my bucket list, 2. Private Jets are awesome!, 3. A Bloody Mary (or 3) never tasted as good as they did in the JetBlue terminal in Fort Lauderdale the following morning, 4. Because our son is a member of the NYPD, he received clearance to meet us upon our arrival at the jetway of our JetBlue flight at JFK, his hugs never felt better! 5. We have officially (sort of) adopted two new sons: Alexi, our Coast Guardsman and Georgie, our Fireman who have taken care of Cima and her guests since we have been off island. They (and Ada who cares for the apartments) have provided seamless hospitality and service while we have been in New York. We remain indebted to them.

Vieques is enjoying a “new normal”. We are happy to report the restaurant industry is growing on the island. Such great news for small businesses. Our beautiful beaches are as gorgeous as ever and the bio bay is continuing to glow brighter with each passing day/night.

Dennis and I are so appreciative for you who stay in touch with us. It is humbling.

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Many Updates Have Been Made at Cima del Mundo Vacation Suites!

When you think of  vacation you think of sun, sand, surf and relaxation, right? Sometimes it’s those things that are part of the infrastructure about which you are rarely aware that give you that extra sense of contentment.

We are enjoying some new additions to our “behind the scenes” portion of “Cima”:

1.Each suite is sporting some new furniture (while the ample closet space has always been appreciated, our new dressers and mirrors complete the bedroom suites and add that extra storage to really make you feel at home);

2. We have installed a security system for each suite, for an added sense of serenity, which allows each new  guest to use their own special, secret code;

3. Just in time for hurricane season, say “hello” to our 20KW Generac generator. This mother of all generators will power up the entire facility when we have the much anticipated (and despised) power failure. It is seamless!  Caught in the dark? Wait 15 seconds and you’ll never know the rest of the island has a black out.

4. And….wait for it…..Our sparkling, crystal clear, new pool is delicious!  We maintain it at a constant 87 degrees. “What?!?” you say? You’re in the tropics and it’s always warm there. Yes, true, it may be for our northern friends but in the winter our water temperatures dip (pardon the pun).  Not at Cima del Mundo Vacation Suites!  This inground pool takes advantage of our spectacular views. We’ve added indirect lighting for a relaxing mood while it highlights the surrounding gardens. Mmmm, sipping a cold beverage while sitting on the underwater bench, counting stars and watching the lights twinkle in the valley below… It doesn’t get any better than this!

5. Of course, the pool needs to be dressed properly. So we’ve surrounded it with Carlo Ferrero designed chaise lounges in the “Banana Leaf” pattern with additional woven chairs and side tables. Had enough of the water? Play dominoes, poolside, instead!

Come enjoy our added amenities. We’d be happy to host your stay!

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Happy Holidays from Cima del Mundo Vacation Suites!

We may not have snow or chimneys but Santa knows the way to Cima del Mundo Vacation Rentals in Vieques!  For us, he does things a bit differently. All year long, he brings us gifts – the gifts of new friends with whom we can share our tropical world at our vacation rental.

We are privileged to be allowed to host vacations for travelers from all over the world and help them discover the beauty that abounds in Vieques. The natural beauty of the helpful and friendly Viequense, the clean, clear blue waters of both the Caribbean and Atlantic, our glorious beaches, and of course, the brightest of all the bio-luminescent bays in the world will astound you. Enjoy snorkeling and SCUBA, sailing and fishing; ending your busy days at our world class restaurants.

Thank you Santa and our guests for providing the opportunity to do what we love!

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Guest Comments: Bill & Gretchen

We move so fast in today’s society, we have to consciously relax and say, “This is my time.” For us, vacations are a necessity. We recently stayed at Cima del Mundo Vacation Suites on the beautiful island of Vieques, Puerto Rico. We went for walks on the beach, caught up on our reading and spent hours on the balcony watching the gorgeous sunsets . When we stay in hotels we end up doing a lot, but we come home exhausted and don’t want to go back to work. At Cima del Mundo we were able to take time to smell the roses. We came home refreshed and hope to be returning every year. We miss you Deborah and your fantastic little paradise! Hope to see you again real soon!

Bill & Gretchen Droese

Jacksonville, NC

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Guest Comments: Bradley & Lana

Cima del  Mundo – Si, Si, Si


We wanted to cut loose the shackles of our quotidian routine but not stray too far from the creature comforts … and ‘Cima’ was the place to do it! On an island off an island, Cima offers spectacular Caribbean views, soothing mountaintop breezes and a respite from the noise and nuisances of urban America – whether North, Central or South.  The accommodations were cozy and well-appointed, the hosts were gracious and gregarious, with pristine beaches and world-class dining only a short drive away.  We look forward to returning for the upcoming holidays …
Bradley and Lana

Saratoga Springs, NY

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Guest Comments: Peter Bellanca

Cima del Mundo

The best getaway!

Yes, you most certainly are en Cima del Mundo (on top of the world) ! It was the perfect week. Upon arriving, we were picked up at the airport by our wonderful hostess and taken to pick up our rental jeep and then visited a local Spanish style pub on the water for drinks and the best Cuban style sandwiches.  We then left for our mountain top destination. When we woke, we had coffee on the veranda overlooking blue skies, crystal blue water,  and a beautiful view of the neighboring islands in the warm Caribbean breeze… instant nirvana !

Deborah, our hostess and owner, was incredible… pleasant, informative, humorous… she truly cared and ensured we had a wonderful time the entire time we were on the island.  The property is immaculate, invitingly decorated… where Europe meets the Caribbean. You feel at home right away!

About the size of Nantucket – except with mountains, palm trees, and beautiful beaches with crystal blue water and 80 degrees in the winter! Everything is within a short drive.  I am not one for basking in the sun all day so I was a bit concerned about things to do on the island.  There was plenty to do and here are some “must does”, horse back riding along the beaches, touring the Biobay, pictures at the 300 year old Ceiba tree, walk with the wild horses, off and on road drives along the water, lunch at “Sol Food” on the way to the beaches and make sure you have a brownie for dessert, and more!  Ending each day at ‘Cima del Mundo’ overlooking the Caribbean over conversation and cocktails is the true definition of relaxation.  I can’t wait until the next visit.

Easy to get to using Cape Air or Vieques Airlink, Deborah has created an affordable Caribbean getaway that can be “customized” for any group, couple, or individual.   She truly made our trip one to remember.  We have already planned our return!
Peter Bellanca
Spring Lake, NJ

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Guest Comments: Sue Royce

If you are looking for a vacation getaway in paradise, then look no further than Cima del Mundo Vacation Suites located in Vieques, Puerto Rico.  The English translation of Cima del Mundo is “Top of the World”, and that’s exactly how my friend and I felt when we stayed at this beautiful guest house.  The house is built high into the side of a mountain, offering breathtaking views, both near and far. Not to be outdone, the accommodations are as inspiring as the views and complete the aura of being on top of the world in paradise!  The suites are decorated with an island-flair, and are as comfortable as they are clean.

The owners of Cima del Mundo are very familiar with the Island and with the language, and they were more than willing to share the location of their favorite beaches, restaurants and shops.  Clearly, the O’Keeffe’s wanted us to love their Island paradise as much as they do and it seems they thought of everything to make us feel comfortable and welcomed.  Staying at Cima del Mundo Vacation Suites was like being at home in Paradise; and I anxiously look forward to my next visit.


Sue Royce

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Guest Comments: Tara Manning Rock

From the moment I arrived in Vieques, PR, I was met with smiles, welcomes and an island full of magic. My arrival to Cima del Mundo Vacation Suites was no different. The views from the hill top will mesmerize you with the colors and sounds of island life. It is like having your own little perch above paradise. The suites are impeccably clean, beautifully furnished and accommodate everything you could want for your island adventure. The experience leaves me wondering how one can just stay and never leave.


Tara Manning Rock


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