Hello, again!

So many sunrises and sunsets have occurred  at Cima del Mundo since I last made an entry in my blog.

Some of the highlights have been that our son married a delightful young woman in October 2014. On March 13, 2017 baby Henry arrives into the world. Dennis and I adopted an adorable girl (4 legged!) in September of 2016 and named her Tipper. She is 100% pure Vieques Sato with the most gentle personality who is very smart and quite the iguana hunter.

Of course, we prepared and braced for Hurricane Irma and her arrival on September 6, 2017. Come to find out, she was just a practice run for the “big one”, Hurricane Maria. Ah, so much damage, so many stories. Cima, Dennis and I were spared, although we all aged a bit from the experience. We were evacuated to Miami on 29 September.

I’ve always tried to find some good that comes out of a bad situation.     1. I can cross “helicopter ride” off my bucket list, 2. Private Jets are awesome!, 3. A Bloody Mary (or 3) never tasted as good as they did in the JetBlue terminal in Fort Lauderdale the following morning, 4. Because our son is a member of the NYPD, he received clearance to meet us upon our arrival at the jetway of our JetBlue flight at JFK, his hugs never felt better! 5. We have officially (sort of) adopted two new sons: Alexi, our Coast Guardsman and Georgie, our Fireman who have taken care of Cima and her guests since we have been off island. They (and Ada who cares for the apartments) have provided seamless hospitality and service while we have been in New York. We remain indebted to them.

Vieques is enjoying a “new normal”. We are happy to report the restaurant industry is growing on the island. Such great news for small businesses. Our beautiful beaches are as gorgeous as ever and the bio bay is continuing to glow brighter with each passing day/night.

Dennis and I are so appreciative for you who stay in touch with us. It is humbling.

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