Many Updates Have Been Made at Cima del Mundo Vacation Suites!

When you think of  vacation you think of sun, sand, surf and relaxation, right? Sometimes it’s those things that are part of the infrastructure about which you are rarely aware that give you that extra sense of contentment.

We are enjoying some new additions to our “behind the scenes” portion of “Cima”:

1.Each suite is sporting some new furniture (while the ample closet space has always been appreciated, our new dressers and mirrors complete the bedroom suites and add that extra storage to really make you feel at home);

2. We have installed a security system for each suite, for an added sense of serenity, which allows each new  guest to use their own special, secret code;

3. Just in time for hurricane season, say “hello” to our 20KW Generac generator. This mother of all generators will power up the entire facility when we have the much anticipated (and despised) power failure. It is seamless!  Caught in the dark? Wait 15 seconds and you’ll never know the rest of the island has a black out.

4. And….wait for it…..Our sparkling, crystal clear, new pool is delicious!  We maintain it at a constant 87 degrees. “What?!?” you say? You’re in the tropics and it’s always warm there. Yes, true, it may be for our northern friends but in the winter our water temperatures dip (pardon the pun).  Not at Cima del Mundo Vacation Suites!  This inground pool takes advantage of our spectacular views. We’ve added indirect lighting for a relaxing mood while it highlights the surrounding gardens. Mmmm, sipping a cold beverage while sitting on the underwater bench, counting stars and watching the lights twinkle in the valley below… It doesn’t get any better than this!

5. Of course, the pool needs to be dressed properly. So we’ve surrounded it with Carlo Ferrero designed chaise lounges in the “Banana Leaf” pattern with additional woven chairs and side tables. Had enough of the water? Play dominoes, poolside, instead!

Come enjoy our added amenities. We’d be happy to host your stay!

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